The VA loan limit for Orange County, CA in 2016 will remain at the 2015 level of $625,500. $625,500 is the highest limit for “high cost” counties as determined by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). This means that it is possible to purchase a VA approved condo in Orange County, CA up to a price of $625,500 with Zero Down  payment.

VA loan limit for Orange County, CA in 2016

Jumbo VA Loan for Condo Purchase


Orange County, CA is considered a “high cost” county because of the high average price of homes located within the county. And while a single family detached home may typically be considered to have a higher value than a condo, in Orange County that may not necessarily be true. It is not unusual to find condos that are priced higher than $625,500, especially in Irvine, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Beach, and Newport Beach. Orange County Veterans should be aware that they can actually get a VA loan higher than the VA Loan Limit. The VA loan limit is the “100% financing” limit. There are VA lenders in Orange County who will close VA loans as high as $1,500,000. A down payment equal to 25% of the difference between the purchase price and the 100% financing limit is required, which in most cases is still far more aggressive than any Conventional or Jumbo finance programs.


VA Loan Limit and VA Loan on Condo


Even if a condo falls with the Orange County VA Zero Down loan limit, the condo project still needs to be approved by VA for the loan to fund. Getting a condo project approved is not a fast process and will take cooperation from the management company for the Home Owners Association. Also, not all condo projects are “approvable”. Which is why for those Veterans looking for condos in Orange County, limiting the search to those condo’s that are already VA approved will but a much easier way to find a home to purchase. 


Buying a VA Approved Condo with no Down Payment


Once a VA approved condo has been found, an offer made and accepted, the process for closing the VA loan should be smooth, provided the Veteran already has a PreApproved VA loan. By working with a local VA lender, the Veteran should be able to have a very clear idea of what their payment will be and whether they will need money to close escrow.


Authored by Tim Storm, an Orange County VA Loan Officer specializing in VA Loans. MLO 223456. – Please contact my office at the Home Point Financial. My direct line is 949-640-3102. You can also visit my blog at  I will prepare custom VA loan scenarios which will be matched up to your financial goals, both long and short-term. I also prepare a Video Explanation of the your scenarios so that you are able to fully understand the numbers BEFORE you have started the loan process.